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"I loved the cheat sheets!  The advice about being a 'control freak' was very humorous and effective! We NEED to do that and overcome our reluctance as learners to ask people to repeat or speak slower! Great tip! Also, tip #17 was an eye opener and made a lot of sense! I had never thought of it from that perspective. Bravo."  ~ Karen, Colorado.


"I am impressed and will recommend it to my friends.   Thanks so much and I and my friends will find it very helpful having moved to New Mexico." ~Patricia, New Mexico


"I really like your approach...very practical."  ~John, Washington 


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  • How to start talking to Spanish speakers at work this week, without traditional Spanish classes.
  • Specific strategies for communicating in Spanish without having to become fluent.
  • How to issue commands, ask questions, and interact with Spanish speakers.
  • ...and much more!

Amaze your clients and supervisors with your new Spanish abilities.

This e-book includes valuable cheat sheets, specific phrases, and tons of tips and strategies for exactly how to learn Spanish for the workplace most effectively.   Download it now!  

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