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lily fouts¡Hola!  My name is Lily Ann Fouts.  I studied Spanish and Education at Eastern Washington University, graduating with honors.  I taught in a bilingual elementary classroom for two years, in a community college for two years, and in professional and community settings for several more years.   Teaching is my passion, and I love teaching practical Spanish for the workplace and watching people enjoy immediate results.  I have had students in medical centers, a dental office, various educational institutions, a manufacturing plant, in libraries, and in community settings.  Additionally, I worked for 8 years for the Colorado Department of Human Services, where I translated the rules and regulations governing child care facilities into Spanish, among other duties.

My personal journey with Spanish began when I was eight years old, living in Mexico with my mom and younger sister.  When we first went to Mexico, we spoke no Spanish, but soon we began to catch on.  I consider my experience in Mexico to be one of the greatest privileges of my life.  It was a wonderful place to grow up, and the opportunity to learn a new culture and a new language were skills that have served me well in life.  We lived in Mexico for five years.  By the end of that time, Spanish became easier for me to speak than English, and the people we had befriended there were like family to us.

I would have happily chosen to live in Mexico indefinitely, but my mom saw her two daughters losing their American culture, and decided it was time to return “home.”  The whole experience was so valuable and gave me a perspective and worldview that I genuinely appreciate, including a love of travel and adventure.

In 2011 I completed my Master’s Degree in Management and married my husband, a fellow adventurer and Spanish speaker.  Since our wedding, our travels have taken us to the wilds of Canada and Alaska, the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, the finish line of a marathon in England, the Southern Alps of New Zealand, and to the bottom of the world for a summer season work contract at the South Pole Station.  In Antarctica I worked as a dish washer, but my love for Spanish and teaching remained strong.  Several of us with a passion for Spanish participated in a weekly Spanish conversation group.  One of my co-workers in the galley, a prep cook, was actually a radiologic technologist in the “real world” back home, and I taught her some phrases she could use on the job once she returned.   And there, on The Ice at the bottom of the world, the idea for this new venture was born.

Now I’m very excited to combine my skills in management, education, and Spanish to provide you with free video lessons, high-quality Spanish materials and one-on-one Spanish coaching that will help you in your workplace in a very real and immediate way. Please swing by my “Contact” page and let me know how I can serve you, and if you haven’t done so already, download my FREE e-book now!

~ Lily A. Fouts

P.S.  These are some of my former clients–also, read the many things my former students have had to say below:

Former Clients

  • “The phrases learned will be useful in our office–fun atmosphere for learning.  Course was well-organized.”
  • “Lily was very informative and patient.”
  • “[I love] the fact that it covers only what is relevant to our job.”
  • “Lily was very knowledgeable and wanted to share it with us.  She was great to have as an instructor.  I was pleased with this class.”
  • “The Spanish for the Physicians Office was so useful.  I learned exactly what I needed to do my job, but not so much it became overwhelming.  Plus, the instructor was great.”
  • “Lily was the strong point of the class.”
  • “The class was practical and relevant to my needs and real world situations.”
  • “Lily was a nice person and easy to learn from.”
  • “This course has been very helpful.  Lily has made it easy and fun to learn.  Thank you for teaching me to better communicate and help my Spanish [speaking] patients.”
  • “The class was so much fun I forgot I was learning!”
  • “The times I have been able to use the Spanish Lily has taught us in my job has been a great pleasure for myself and the patient.  The patient could understand what I needed and they felt good when they left knowing they could understand me and know what was going on.  I hope to use my knowledge more every day.”
  • “Lily, you have been a lot of fun!  Thanks so much!”
  • “I think the Spanish [speaking] employees will feel more comfortable dealing with me since I have taken the time to try to learn their language.”
  • “Lily discussed any questions of ours and was very helpful!”
  • “A couple of the custodial crew that I interact with, I have already built a relationship with.  We can now converse with each other more comfortably.”
  • “The teacher was most valuable–she’s very good at this!”
  • “I will be able to explain and understand what is being said on the floor.”
  • “Lily was patient and if we mispronounced something she repeated it to and with us until correct.”
  • “Because part of my crew speaks little or no English I have already put [my new Spanish knowledge] to use.”
  • “The instructor made it fun, varied techniques; time went by fast.  Never got bored.”
  • “I can directly speak to those that need spoken to and don’t have to use an interpreter for even the smallest messages I have to convey.”
  • “Lily did an excellent job.  I have learned a lot from her.”
  • “I have learned phrases I can use in my daily contacts with our Spanish speaking employees.”
  • “Quick to learn!”
  • “Lily was very helpful with any problems in translating other material.”
  • “Many co-workers speak only Spanish; now I have a connection with them.”
  • “Everything presented was helpful.”
  • “This was a fun and practical course with great drill/review techniques.”
  • “The one-on-one aspects were great!”
  • “The course was great; very well taught and lots of fun.  Thanks a lot, Lily!”
  • “Lily’s attitude and excitement for the language made it a fun learning atmosphere.”
  • “The visual and interactive portions of the class were most valuable to me.  I really feel everything you did and things you taught us were quality and very interesting and fun!  Lily, I can’t tell you how important it is that we have fun while we’re learning.  You do a great job!”
  • “You make students feel comfortable.  Your visuals were great!”‘
  • “I was able to get over my embarrassment of trying the words.”
  • “Lily made me want to learn more Spanish.  She made it very fun and interesting.  The hour each day just flew by!”
  • “Very informative and fun!”
  • “Lily is a very pleasant person, and she is very passionate about the subject matter.  Her excitement made me want to learn as much as I could.”
  • “Great instructor and very useful information!”
  • “Learning phrases that were needed in my job was the most valuable part of the course to me.  This instructor was a pleasure!!  She made this class so much fun and yet remained professional.  We learned a lot!”
  • “I completely enjoyed this class and would recommend it to everyone.”
  • “Effective teaching strategies.  Enjoyable learning environment.  Practical material.  Useful.”
  • “The immediate use of phrases in conversation was the strong point of this class.  Lily, I really enjoyed the class and am interested in more!”
  • “Easy to understand.”
  • “To the point–immediate functional skills–I want this offered to the rest of my staff!”
  • “Her teaching methods are very diverse and appeal to many different types of learners.”
  • “I am a great fan of this teaching method.  Very enjoyable.”
  • “It is geared for a person to learn only what is necessary.  Lily was a great instructor who is knowledgeable in Spanish and could answer any question thrown at her.  She also made it so simple and easy to learn and remember.  I enjoyed the class very much.”
  • “WONDERFUL!!!”
  • “What I liked about the course is that I feel I can continue learning on my own.  The whole course was just excellent.”
  • “Tailored to our office needs.”
  • “The ability to take the information and use it right away was most valuable to me.”
  • “All of this course was helpful.”
  • “The strong point of this course was actually learning how to communicate in everyday situations.”
  • “Useful in most working environments.”
  • “This was the best Spanish class I have ever had.”
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